Jeff Bezos’s warning on Economic Recession

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Amazon founder’s warning: Economic recession is coming; think twice before doing this work.

Jeff Bezos on economic recession: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has warned about the economic recession. He said there would be a significant economic recession in the coming days. He has also given a bit of advice to the people.

Jeff Bezos on economic recession: Amazon amidst rapidly rising inflation

A statement by founder Jeff Bezos has shocked people. He said that there would be an economic recession in the world. After this statement, the general public has been forced to think. Jeff says that there is a possibility of economic recession. In such a situation, people should avoid buying big things during the holiday season.

What did Jeff Bezos say?

During a conversation with CNN, Jeff asked consumers to keep their cash safe and avoid unnecessary expenses as much as possible. During this, he has advised Americans to refrain from buying expensive cars and TVs. Jeff has said that if you purchase a big-screen TV, you should wait. Keep your money withheld, and wait for what happens.

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“This applies to everything.”

Bezos said that this applies to other items as well. Even if it is new automobiles and refrigerators, this applies to all. This statement of Jeff may be helpful for small business people and ordinary people. During his conversation, the owner of Amazon said he would donate $ 124 billion net worth to deal with climate chase and support those who unite humanity.

During this, Bezos also said that “the economy is not looking good right now,” and things are slowing down. You see layoffs in many sectors of the economy.” Let us tell you that Jeff Bezos is currently the executive chairman of Amazon; he stepped down from his previous role of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) last year.

Let us tell you that in recent times, the reduction has been seen in many sectors. The world’s largest social media company Facebook has been laid off. Along with this, employees have also been fired from Twitter and Amazon.

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