4th February: World Cancer Day 

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It is World Cancer Day today. Cancer claims around one billion lives yearly, yet more than 40% of these deaths are avoidable with lifestyle modifications, routine screening, early identification, and treatment.

Every year on 4th February, World Cancer Day is commemorated to increase public awareness and encourage cancer prevention.

The Theme of Cancer Day 2023

This year’s theme marks the second year of the campaign “close the care gap,” which is about understanding the inequities in cancer care and taking action to make the necessary progress in addressing them.

Significance of Cancer Day

Cancer Day messages are arranged to raise awareness about the disease of cancer, equipping the health industry to fight cancer and breaking down the cancer barrier in society. ‘Close the Care Gap’ is the message for World Cancer Day 2022-2024. It is also said that in 2023, voices should be synchronized to combat cancer.

The World Health Organization published this statement to coordinate the efforts of all individuals and organizations fighting cancer.

Simultaneously, the state government has secured the assistance of Cancer Care Suite e-Health for the ‘Alap Shraddha Health Guarantee’ program, which will check people with cancer symptoms at the nearest primary health clinics and refer those with the probable disease to specialized centers. According to the Minister of Health and Family Welfare of Kerala, Veena George, the state has made significant advances in cancer treatment.

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The Origins of World Cancer Day

It was created on 4th February 2000 at the World Cancer Summit in Paris.

This day was established by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to increase awareness about the illness and to encourage its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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