Kerala Family Smiles During Funeral – Viral Pic Leaves Internet Confused

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Kerala Family Smiles During Funeral

Funerals are typically sombre occasions as family members grieve for their loved ones. However, a post featuring a picture of a Keralan family has questioned that idea, and in what way. The family photo is currently trending on Twitter, which has understandably baffled online users.

The image was posted by Twitter user Ambika JK and depicts a family seated around a coffin with white flowers in a room. The funeral was for Mariyamma, a 95-year-old Christian from Kerala, according to sources. The funeral provided a chance for a get-together because the majority of the family members reside abroad, which led to the “happy and smiling” photo.

There have been a tonne of responses huge the post. People wrote on how strange the shot appeared since they were so perplexed. Some, though, thought the idea was good and said that the deceased would have wanted to see the members pleased, thus ultimately it turned out to be a joyful gathering.

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