IndiGo pilot’s in-flight announcement in English and Punjabi 

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pilot making an announcement in english and punjabi

The in-flight announcement made by an IndiGo pilot caught the internet’s attention. With announcements in both Punjabi and English, the captain of an aircraft from Bangalore to Chandigarh pleased the onboard passengers. Danvir Singh posted the video on Twitter, where it has received over 36k views.

This IndiGo pilot welcomed his passengers onboard by speaking to them in both English and Punjabi, even though it is normal to make announcements on an aircraft in both Hindi and English. The pilot may be seen speaking into the microphone in the video. The post’s description stated, “Some suggestions by the Captain in a Punjabi-English mix to passengers on aircraft Bangalore to Chandigarh.”

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The pilot begins by stating that those seated to the left will have the opportunity to display their photographic prowess while those seated to the right will get to view Bhopal. That is now for the travellers occupying the window seats. People in the aisle, meanwhile, will only turn to the left and right and stare at one another. “Which lesson was learned? Sit by the window, “said the captain.

Additionally, the pilot requested that everyone follow Covid guidelines and always wear a mask. At the airport, we frequently see people rushing to retrieve their bags and make their way to the exit door. He had a message for them as well.

“Your bags are secure. Please stay seated as long as the doors don’t open. With you, luggage is completely secure “said the pilot”.

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