WhatsApp banned 1.32 crore Indian accounts, but why?

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WhatsApp banned 1.32 crore Indian accounts, but why? Most smartphone users in India use WhatsApp. While this platform has made life easier, its misuse has also increased. Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp says that the accounts of users who violate the terms and conditions of WhatsApp and violate the law of India have been banned. WhatsApp has banned the accounts of 1.32 crore Indian users in the last 6 months.

WhatsApp has banned more than 20 lakh accounts (20,79,000) in India in December last year. This has been revealed from the recently revealed India’s monthly report for December 2021 by WhatsApp. Let us tell you that the figures of these newly banned accounts of WhatsApp are more than the accounts banned in November 2021. In November 2021, the company banned about 17 lakh WhatsApp accounts in India.

1.32 crore accounts banned in 6 months

WhatsApp has informed the government and its users in India that more than 1.32 crore accounts have been banned within just 6 months after the new IT rules came into force. WhatsApp first revealed in July 2021 that 20 lakh accounts (20,11,000) were banned in the period 15 May 2021 and 15 June 2021. Actually, every month after that, WhatsApp has banned about 20 lakh accounts on an average. WhatsApp identifies an account as Indian through the +91 phone number.

The messaging application says that according to the highlights given in the data, the accounts of Indian users have been banned from December 1 to December 31. Because it has been seen in these accounts that they are spreading fake data to the people, due to which many people are facing problems ranging from cheating. However, WhatsApp itself is able to delete such accounts because it has end-to-end encrypted messaging services.
The company has said in its latest report. This action has been taken on the basis of negative feedback received from users who use any kind of inappropriate language and through the company’s “Report” feature. We will continue to bring more transparency to our work and will include more information about our efforts in future reports.

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