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Protect your WhatsAppProtect your WhatsApp account from hackers, secure it with these easy ways. Just as a fisherman spreads a net in the water to catch fish, in the same way, cyber hackers have laid their nets everywhere in the internet world. Not a single mistake, all your information goes to the hackers and in the blink of an eye your bank account is emptied, all the information on your social media platforms gets leaked. Therefore, whether it is WhatsApp Facebook, or any kind of online trading, one should always be cautious.

Nowadays hackers have started targeting social media platforms. Cyber ​​thieves keep targeting people in new ways.

We are most active on the instant messenger app WhatsApp. If you can’t seem to find your WhatsApp account activity normal, your account may have been hacked. Someone else is using your account.

To keep its users safe, WhatsApp Protects its users keep updating their features from time to time and launching new security features. WhatsApp gives you some features that can be used to find out whether someone else is misusing your account or not. This can be easily figured out.

Call history check

Keep checking WhatsApp Activity from time to time. You should keep checking the activity of your WhatsApp account. Check call history etc. There is no call that you are not aware of. Stay away from unknown calls, messages, and links.

Contact information

You should also check the Contact Information of your WhatsApp account. Many times hackers start making changes in the contact after hacking your account. If you see any such change then get an alert. Someone else may also have access to your account. In WhatsApp, you are given an option called Linked Device. Here you can easily check whether any unwanted device is linked to their account. If you see such an account, delete it immediately.

Protect your WhatsApp with Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication has also been introduced by WhatsApp to promote security. After turning it on, whenever you log in to WhatsApp on the new device, you will be asked for OTP. Your account will be opened only after entering this OTP number.

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