New York Knicks want to sign Davis & Durant

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When a star like Anthony Davis or Kevin Durant becomes available, the New York Knicks want to sign them.

Any star looking to move this summer was supposed to find the New York Knicks to be a great fit. Donovan Mitchell was on their radar for a trade, but he ultimately went to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Instead, the team chose to give Jalen Brunson a sizable contract.

Despite their inability to get Mitchell, many predicted that the Knicks would have a good season. It is anticipated that the organization will soon want to sign another well-known free agent, given the team’s current record of 9–9.

The franchise is reportedly just waiting for a superstar-caliber player to become available on the open market to complete the record-breaking deal.

Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, and other players are on the Knicks’ want list, according to NBA Insider
Given the size of the New York market, it is simple to persuade star players to join the team. The Knicks, though, have yet to be successful in doing so over time. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant once preferred the Brooklyn Nets over the Knicks.

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The New York Knicks are one team trying to set itself up to make a swing for a superstar who is dissatisfied, according to an Eastern Conference executive who spoke with Heavy on Sports Sean Deveney. Anthony Davis is one of their preferred targets.

The Knicks continue to try to accumulate picks. For them, that is what matters most. They are handling the situation as though they can get a star shortly, such as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Anthony Davis, (Kevin) Durant, Karl-Anthony Towns, or someone else. They desire selections.

Despite this, Sean Deveney of the Heavy reportedly disclosed some prospective targets for the team.
According to the source, Anthony Davis is the Knicks’ top objective. After a sluggish start to the season, Davis has recovered and is helping the Lakers to many victories.

But even if the Knicks are unsuccessful in acquiring Davis, they have other targets, such as Kevin Durant. As of right now, these are just rumors. Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of superstars reportedly linked to the Knicks, but the deals always fall through in the end.

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