World Wildlife Day 2023: History & significance

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World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day: Every year, on 3 March, Wildlife Day is observed to raise awareness of animals. Wildlife provides us with various benefits in addition to food and medicine. Apart from that, wildlife contributes to climatic equilibrium. Every year on 3 March, World Wildlife Day is observed to raise awareness of the world’s endangered flora and animals. On 3 March 2014, the inaugural World Wildlife Day was observed. Numerous animal and plant species are becoming extinct all across the planet. More than 900 animal species are now endangered in India. If it is not addressed promptly, the situation may deteriorate worse.

How did World Wildlife Day start?

At its 68th session on 20 December 2013, the United Nations General Assembly declared the annual observance of World Wildlife Day on 3 March to promote awareness about wildlife protection and endangered species of flora. The Wild Elephant Protection Act was enacted in 1872 to avoid the extinction of wild animals.

World Wildlife Day 2023 Theme

Every year, Wildlife Day has a different topic. “Partnerships for Wildlife Protection” is the topic of World Wildlife Day 2023.

The theme for World Wildlife Day 2022 is “Reintroducing Key Species for Ecosystem Restoration.”

What is the significance of Wildlife Day?

Besides food and medication, wildlife provides us with various additional benefits. One of these is that wildlife contributes to maintaining a balanced climate. They aid in the regularisation of the monsoon and the recovery of natural resources. Every year, World Wild Life Day is observed to recognize the contribution of animals and plants to the environment and to appreciate the importance of wildlife for the survival of life on earth.

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Why is World Wildlife Day celebrated?

The goal of commemorating this day is to work on strategies to rescue animals and plants that are vanishing worldwide for various reasons. Flora and fauna are critical to the preservation of the earth’s biodiversity. Yet, the life of several animals and plants is threatened to owe to environmental imbalance and other sorts of experimentation.

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