Joe Biden warns Hurricane Ian is the most deadly disaster in Florida.

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Hurricane Ian

The United States experienced its most dangerous hurricane ‘”Hurricane Ian”, last Wednesday. It has unleashed torrential rains and caused vast destruction to date. 

Rescuers rushed into helicopters and boats on Thursday to rescue Florida Gulf Coast residents. People are stranded by floodwaters, downed power lines and piles of debris left by Hurricane Ian’s devastating march. It even swept away many people, including reporters. Sharks were seen swimming on the streets.

One of the most powerful storms to hit the continental United States in recent years, Ian flooded communities on the Gulf Coast before crossing the peninsula and heading for the Atlantic coast. More than 2.6 million of her homes and businesses in Florida were without power, according to a local energy company. Areas under warning include the South Carolina coast.

Here in the South Carolina, we see gusts of 30 to 50 mph winds. In South Carolina, the further east you go, the stronger the gusts. In the hinterland, rains start early in the morning and get stronger as the days go on. It’s raining in waves, and the temperature drops to the 60s.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said Lee and Charlotte counties, with populations over 900,000, are “essentially off the grid.” Ian landed on an island off Cayo Costa on Wednesday, becoming a Category 4 hurricane. It has maximum sustained winds of 150 mph. After being debilitated by a tropical storm, Ian hardened and landed in South Carolina on Friday.

President Joe Biden warned Ian could be the “most deadly” storm in Florida’s history, with “significant” deaths possible. He said, “The number is still unknown, but we’ve heard reports that there may have been a significant loss of life,”. Biden also approved a disaster declaration to make federal funding available to storm-affected counties. 4,444 There were two unidentified storm-related deaths, De Santis said.

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