The WWE Just Removed Seth Rollins’ Match From SummerSlam

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WWE Just Removed Seth Rollins' Match

Just days before the WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, a significant roster shakeup was revealed. This comes after an eventful week that saw Vince McMahon announce his retirement and Triple H assume the role of head of creative. The bout between Seth Rollins and Riddle is no longer scheduled, but there are a few crucial details surrounding the scenario that have us completely baffled.

Anyone watching the event on Saturday with a Peacock premium subscription may be curious as to why Seth Rollins and Riddle are most likely not going to square off. So with that in mind, here is what is now happening and why things may not be as they seem on the big day:

The WWE Announced That Riddle Is Injured And That The Match Is Postponed, But Rumors Say It’s A Work

Riddle has been medically barred from competing at SummerSlam as a result of Seth Rollins’ attack on him, according to a statement made by the WWE on its programme The Bump. As of right now, there is no official date set for the next showdown; the match has been postponed.

Shortly after the announcement, however, a report from Fightful Select asserted that Riddle is not genuinely hurt and that the battle is merely being postponed. According to insiders, it was rejected from SummerSlam due to a creative decision and is now slated for the forthcoming WWE event Clash at the Castle.

Seth Rollins doesn’t appear to be pleased with what happened:

Many wrestling fans undoubtedly first assumed that Seth Rollins would face another opponent at SummerSlam when Riddle’s injury was first reported. It appears that neither wrestler will compete, as we later discovered. In a heartfelt tweet, Rollins expressed his regret to the fans, departing from the slimy heel he normally portrays on camera:

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